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Silver Plus: Business/Organization Website

This package is designed for small to medium sized businesses or organizations that want their site operational as soon as possible and be able to update the content themselves. They also want the website to match their branding with the same colours, logo, images, etc.

Main Features:
  1. Annual domain name registration and web hosting.
  2. Custom professionally designed website template.
  3. Up to 20 real email accounts such as This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
  4. Content Management System so you can update their own site
  5. Free setup
  6. Free email support
Stage One: Setup
Annual Domain Name Registration

 Annual Web hosting $285
 Stage Two: Pre Vis
In consultation with you NGNZ provide three sample custom designs for the client to choose from (Up to 5 hours development and consultation)
 Stage Three: Template Coding
Coding of custom layouts which make the site look a lot more professional and easier to use. Also makes it a lot easier for you to add content. (Up to 6 hours development and consultation)
 Stage Four: Adding Content
Our expert staff add you content for you and also advise you how to write your content so it is more attractive to search engines and more conducive to promoting your product or service.
(Up to 10 pages depending on complexity)
 GST $340.62
 Total $3065.62

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